Creating Online Courses that sell


Course Author Get Start Program + Marketing

  • Step 1-Do the Course Authors Online Course
  • Step 2-Schedule a Course Development Appointment with a Trainer
  • Step 3-Access to our Learning Management Platform
  • Step 4-Create your course
  • Step 5-Review of your Course by a Trainer
  • Step 6-Targeted landing page to promote your product on The Answer is Yes Portal


You also receive:

  • Topic Exclusivity on our Learning Management Platform (no two courses can be on the same topic)
  • Training and resources for putting your course together 
  • Receive Technical talks on adding courses to the Learning Management Platform
  • Access to Marketing Get Start Program that will help you market your courses
  • Course Authors Facebook Page for support
  • Ongoing Marketing training
  • Zoom support sessions with a trainer


Marketing Get Start Course includes topics
  • Creating Your Database
  • Customer Avatar
  • Social Media
    • Digital Marketing Solutions
    • Creating a Marketing Funnel
    • Social Media Expert-Hints & Tips
    • ASBAS-Government Funding
    • Google My Business
    • Public Relations Expert-Hints & Tips
  • Blogs
    • Copywriting
    • Creating Blogs
    • Blog Topics
    • Blog Calendar
    • Keywords
    • Creating Video Blogs
    • Audio
  • Linked In
    • LinkedIn Setup
    • Articles vs Posts
    • Downloading LinkedIn Contacts
    • LinkedIn Hacks 
  • Marketing Emails
    • Three Parts to a Marketing Email
    • Improving Click Open Rates
    • Marketing Graphics
    • Effective Subject Lines
    • Writing vs Editing
    • Reading Your Email
    • Power Words
    • Numbers
  • Website
    • Your Home Page
    • Calenders
    • Landing Pages
    • SEO
  • Networking Events
    • Purpose of Networking Events
    • 60-second presentation

And Much More...

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