Residential Apartment Body Corp Fire Training


Residential Apartment Body Corp Fire Training


This is a generic module.  At no extra course (if you supply what we need) we will customise this course to YOUR workplace.  If you want customisation do not buy this course.  Email or phone 07 3180 4422

Body Corps of residential apartment buildings have a duty to conduct training for all tenants.  Reality is that most tenants won't turn up for training.  This course is aimed at fulfilling the needs of the Body Corp in meeting their obligations and practical training for the tenants on fire safety in Apartment Buildings.

This course is a blend of courses aimed at training people in residential apartment buildings.

Topics include:

  • Emergency Planning
    • Warden Key Duties
    • Persons with Disabilities
    • Practice Drills
    • How People react in emergencies
  • General Evacuation
    • Exit Routes
    • Evacuation signs and diagrams
    • Assembly Area
    • Smoke Alarms
    • Alarm Sounds
    • High Set House Evacuation
    • High Rise Evacuation
  • Other Types of Emergencies
    • Bushfire
    • Armed Intruder
    • Active Shooter
  • Understanding Fire
    • Fire Triangle
    • Spread of Fire
    • How much time to Evacuate
  • Types of Fire Fighting Agents
    • Classes fo Fire
    • Extinguishing Agents
    • Types of Fire Extinguishers
    • Putting out a gas fire
  • Using the Fire Equipment
    • Fire Extinguishers
    • Vehicle Fire Extinguisher
    • Fire Hose Reel
    • Fire Blanket
    • Person on Fire
  • Training Children on Fire Safety
  • After A fire

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