5 Steps to Cultural Clarity


How to finally get Cultural Clarity in 5 easy Steps, without guilt, blame or anger.

Aboriginal Cultural Awareness -  60,000 years condensed to 1 hour general induction through online training.


As I mentioned, I've been where you are now, needing to learn Cultural Clarity for the workplace. However after a lifetime of gathering knowledge and experiences, I've successfully worked with Indigenous communities for over 25 years and my own business is now based on sharing this Cultural Clarity to help other businesses work with Indigenous staff, clients and communities. I've developed an online training package called 5 Steps to Cultural Clarity. These essential 5 steps provide the necessary groundwork to be culturally aware. There are further steps that share deeper knowledge to effectively engage with Indigenous communities, speak to the right people or get the community support your program needs.  I can help improve your business with Indigenous client support and staff retention plus provide Cultural Supervision for your staff. 

5 Steps to Cultural Clarity is the essential grounding you need before you learn other specific steps.

The first 5 Steps are :

  • Bonus - Welcome to Country – a deeper understanding of this protocol.
  • Step 1 - Australia’s 3 Indigenous Peoples and their origins.
  • Step 2  - Culture & Society
  • Step 3 - Before Captain Cook
  • Step 4 - Impacts of Colonisation
  • Step 5 - Aboriginal Survival Today


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As a white Australian, I did not know how I could improve and understand the Aboriginal culture for better customer engagement. Some of the questions I wanted to ask made me nervous in case I inadvertently said something that could be deemed to be discrimination. Donna Hensens 5 Steps to Cultural Clarity has No Blame, No Guilt and No Anger...  Corrina Lindby

Donna's course ‘5 Steps to Cultural Clarity’ is captivating and inspirational and keeps you wanting to learn more about Aboriginal culture and getting that understanding right. Donna’s life experience brings real-world context to the history of Indigenous people.
The course has music and exciting visuals with clear and concise messages. Donna's course is structured in such a way that the learning elements are easily absorbed and from a non-Australian, I understood the intent of this journey.
I highly recommend using this excellent stimulating learning opportunity produced by someone who has lived the experience first hand. Great work, Donna.
Chris Ward

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