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The first question everyone asks when it comes to marketing, is where to start?

Everybody is telling you what to do to do and how to market.  There are experts everywhere!  As a small business owner, I hesitated greatly about "employing" someone until I knew what I wanted... but I needed to market my business!

I have spent six months reading , watching, listening, and doing webinars, podcasts, workshops, seminars, and conferences to find out "Where to Start?"

I was able to pull out some real gold and ditched all the "fools gold" being marketed and people who wanted me to pay them to "get No 1 on Google:"... "to double my income in six weeks"... "to get triple my connections"... etc


I have a Learning Management Platform for people who want to create online courses.  I teach them how to create the courses... but it is one thing to create the courses and it is another thing to market them... so I did regular training sessions... and this online Marketing Get Start is some of the "gold" that they received from the training.

I am NOT a marketing Guru trying to sell you an upsell.... But I interviewed quite a few gurus who appear in the course.

Just some of the Course Topics

  • How to sell like an FBI Hostage Negotiator
  • Creating Your Database
  • Customer Avatar
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Social Media
    • Digital Marketing Solutions
    • Creating a Marketing Funnel
    • Nurture Sequences
    • Social Media Expert-Hints & Tips
    • Your Social Media Strategy
    • ASBAS-Government Funding
    • Google My Business
    • Public Relations Expert-Hints & Tips
    • Facebook
    • Snapchat
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • ManyChat
    • YouTube
  • Blogs
    • Copywriting
    • Creating Blogs
    • Blog Topics
    • Blog Calendar
    • Keywords
    • Creating Video Blogs
    • Audio
  • Linked In
    • LinkedIn Setup
    • Articles vs Posts
    • Downloading LinkedIn Contacts
    • LinkedIn Hacks 
  • Marketing Emails
    • Three Parts to a Marketing Email
    • Improving Click Open Rates
    • Marketing Graphics
    • Effective Subject Lines
    • Writing vs Editing
    • Reading Your Email
    • Power Words
    • Numbers
    • Marketing Software
  • Networking Events
    • Purpose of Networking Events
    • 60-second presentation
  • Website
    • Your Home Page
    • Calenders
    • Landing Pages
    • SEO
    • Writing Product Descriptions
    • Product Photos
  • Creating Webinars
    • Webinars
    • Connecting Zoom Webinar to Facebook



If more "Gold" is found we will add it to the course a notice will go on the Marketing Get Start Facebook Page

(NOTE -$25+GST per month option available on direct debit)​

Comments from Course Authors...

This weeks roundup is the best yet in the series of information— new links to useful websites and Chris Cardell's wealth of information about marketing and sites. I now have a longer list of things to do but in a good way. Thanks again Corrina, great job.

This was a really helpful in that you covered short but interesting tips which were easily understood. Backing this up with research advice helps reinforce why you should take advice on the tips. 

I again liked the short clips on all the tips. I found the writing against editing an exciting concept which I shall follow from now on. Yoast certainly seems very interesting, and best of all it's free. The Linked in-tips I found very useful and displaying different profiles showed the differences that can be between them. I particularly liked having the three-word themes going into the profiles also. I use Grammarly as well, I highly recommend it. 


Lots more learning this week and I have now subscribed with Planet Derek on youtube who is so motivated and entertaining, what a great find. Highly recommended. Tim Hyde was very interesting, I liked his funnel approach to marketing and he certainly is an Infusionsoft guru, puts me to shame! Thanks again, Corrina


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